Comforting Chicken & Noodles Crockpot

Crock pot chicken and noodles is a warm, comforting one-pot meal that’s easy to make and perfect for busy weeknights.

This classic dish combines tender, fall-off-the-bone chicken thighs or breasts with noodles or dumplings cooked right in the savory broth.

Making chicken and noodles in the slow cooker takes advantage of the moist, gentle heat to deliver meat that’s super tender.

Meanwhile, the noodles cook to al dente perfection right in the same pot.

An array of aromatic vegetables and herbs add layers of flavor.

Chicken noodle soup is a feel-good classic loaded with protein, carbs and veggies – the perfect triple threat after a long day.

Let’s wrap up with a final summary of why this tasty slow cooker meal is a winner any night of the week.

Crock pot chicken and noodles delivers a comforting, hearty dinner with minimal hands-on time required. Simply add the inexpensive ingredients to the slow cooker in the morning, and it cooks away on its own for 6-8 hours, no monitoring needed.

Customize the dish to your taste by experimenting with different noodles, vegetables, herbs and seasonings.

Serve the chicken and noodles on their own or with sides like biscuits or roasted veggies.

This classic, protein-packed dinner takes advantage of the moist heat of the slow cooker to turn out super tender chicken and perfectly cooked noodles or dumplings. Make this budget-friendly recipe on busy weeknights for a fuss-free dinner the whole family will enjoy.


Cream of chicken soup 2 cans
1 butter stick
Frozen egg noodles 1 packet
1 chicken breast You can use frozen, boiled, or any leftovers you have
Chicken broth 2 cans


Take a crockpot and add the chicken, broth, soup, and butter. Cook it slowly for 6-7 hours and after that shred the chicken in the crockpot.

Add the frozen noodles and let them cook for another 2 hours. (Stir them after every 30 minutes too).

Your delicious meal is ready to serve hot that your family with enjoy.