Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast

Y’all ready for a hearty dish straight from the Western frontier? This ain’t just any ol’ recipe; it’s a tried and true family favorite that’ll take you on a journey right to the heart of the Wild West. Saddle up, partners!


1 jar of dried beef slices (make sure to give ’em a good rinse & chop)
4 tbsp butter (the real stuff, no imitations!)
4 tbsp flour
A li’l pinch of cayenne (for that wild kick!)
2 cups of good ol’ cow milk
Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper to your likin’
Your favorite bread, toasted to golden perfection
Let’s Get Cookin’ – Western-Style!

First things first, give those beef slices a thorough rinse – trust me, they’re saltier than a cowboy’s language after a long day on the trail! Pat ’em dry with a paper towel when you’re done.
Get to choppin’ that beef into small, bite-sized pieces. Once chopped, set ’em aside for a spell.
Now, in a big ol’ sauce pan, melt that butter over a medium flame.
Stir in the flour and that sneaky pinch of cayenne into the butter. Whisk it up good until it’s nice and smooth, ’bout 45 seconds or so.
Slowly, and I mean real slow, pour in the milk while keepin’ that whisk movin’. Gotta get it smooth as a prairie sunset.
Time to toss in the chopped dried beef.

Let it simmer a bit, stirrin’ every once in a while, until it gets thick like a cowboy’s drawl.
Give it a taste and season with some sea salt and freshly cracked pepper if it needs a bit more oomph.
Dish that creamy mixture right on top of your toasted bread and dive in!
There ya have it, folks! A classic dish with a Western twist. Whether you’re sittin’ by a campfire or at your kitchen table, this here Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast is sure to fill yer boots. Enjoy, partners!