If you need to learn how to cook crispy fried chicken, this recipe is for you.This fried chicken recipe is always a favorite on picnics, served both hot and cold.The kids call it Kentucky Fried Chicken !

* Ingredients :

° 1 kilo chicken legs (or any part you like)

° 1 kilo of flour

° 1 kilo of bread crumbs

° 5 pieces eggs

° Salt & Pepper

° Oil (for deep frying)

* Directions :

1- Wash the chicken and add salt and hot pepper for 10 minutes.

2. Put the flour and breadcrumbs in a separate bowl

3. Beat 5 eggs and set aside

4- Heat the oil in a frying pan

5. Dip the chicken in the eggs

6. Roll in flour

7- Dip in the egg again

8- Put the breadcrumbs

9- Fry the chicken until it becomes golden brown

10- When the chicken is already cooked, put it on a plate with a napkin to drain the excess oil

Serve & Enjoy !