Frozen Strawberry Dessert

Ingredients :
° 3 c crackers graham (about 22 whole graham crackers)
° 3 / 4 Tas Ung Salzin Butter, Ghee 6 tsp granulated sugar
° Eight ounces of soft cream cheese
° 1/2 cup powdered sugar
° 1 14 oz. of condensed milk
° 1 tsp vanilla
° 1 c whip cream
° 1 c strawberries cut to cubes
° 2 1/2 cups whole strawberries

* Preparation :
Spraying 9 13 bowl with non-stick spray. Spread and mix biscuits, sugar, and margarine in a medium dish, then press 1/2 of the mixture into the lowest 9×13 pan and place the rest in it.Place the whole strawberries in a blender and beat for 12 minutes until smooth.In a medium bowl, beat the cream on low speed for one minute, then on high until thick, about four minutes. Sit down.In bowl, beat cream cheese & icing sugar on low speed to creamy, thenadd the condensed milk, vanilla and strawberries, stirring until smooth, add the whipped cream until well combined. Adding strawberry balls, sprinkling with cookies, & sprinkling with rest of cookies on top.
Enjoy it !