Coconut cake with a banana


• 1 biscuit;
• 3 bananas;
• 260 ml of creamy cream;
• 200 g of mascarpone;
• 140 g of powdered sugar;
• 110 ml of milk;
• 3 tablespoons of sugar;
• 1 glass of coconut chips.


1. Boil the milk and sugar. Cool the syrup. For flavor, you can add in it an almond or vanilla extract.

2. Whip the cream with sugar powder and mix the mashed cream cheese.

3.Cut bananas with plates.

4. Dice biscuit on thin cakes, should be three pieces.

5. Gather a tender cake. We impregnate one layer with milk syrup, grease with cream, lightly sprinkle with shavings, cover with a layer of banana plates. We repeat. simply lubricate the cream, thickly fall asleep with the shavings of coconut.