VapoRub Isn’t Just Meant For Colds . Here Are 11 Clever Ways It Could Improve Your Health

For a cough caused by a cold, it usually stops after two or three weeks without taking medicine, but a simple natural sedative preparation, such as thyme and mertol, combats the cough and relieves its severity. Here are some recommendations:


The World Health Organization recommends eating honey: which is used in different cultures to fight colds. Honey contains antioxidants, which work to strengthen the immune system and help calm a cough.


To do nothing: One of the most important things that helps treat colds more quickly. When there is a cold, the body releases a secretion that acts directly on the sleep center. So the body needs sleep to fight viruses and strengthen the immune system.


Eat fruits and vegetables, especially oranges, lemons and grapefruit, which contain a high percentage of vitamin C, which strengthens immunity and helps get rid of symptoms more quickly.

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