My mother’s Seven Layer Dip is a great success at every gathering, no matter how large or little it is. You top the refried beans with guacamole, seasoned sour cream, veggies, and cheese, and then bake it until the beans are hot. It is ideal for use as a dipping sauce for tortilla chips. Traditionally, the dip takes less time to dissolve into stomaches than it did to make it in the first place. This straightforward dish makes the perfect party snack. You can always count on it to be the first dish to be finished up. You will not be disappointed in your choice to serve this anytime you feel like doing so since you will be pleased with how they respond when they dig right into it without any hesitation. I hope you will make use of this dish and give it to the people you care about the most, and that they will appreciate it.At our house, this dish is usually needed for every large football-watching event that takes place. It is the first item that my kid will ask for when I ask him what he wants for his birthday. Whether it’s New Year’s Eve or Super Bowl Sunday, Seven Layer Dip will be on the menu at our home.


– 450 grams.Of Sautéed beans.

– A small bowl.Of Guacamole.

– 1 Cup.Of Mayonnaise.

– 220 grams.Of Sour cream.

– 1 small packet.Of Taco seasoning.

– 2 Cups.Of Grated cheddar cheese.

– A medium chopped Tomato.

– A large chopped Green onion.

– 1 Cup.Of Drained black olives.


– Step 1: To begin, I took a big serving dish and put out the sautéed beans, followed by the guacamole, which I then poured on top of the beans and served.

– Step 2: After that, I combined the mayonnaise with sour cream, and taco seasoning in a mixing bowl until well combined. This should be used as an additional layer on top of the guacamole layer.

– Step 3: Afterwards, I distributed evenly the grated block of cheddar cheese on top of the layer of mayo.

– Step 4: At this stage, I put some sliced red tomatoes, with chopped green onions, and black olives on top of the cheese layer to make a pretty presentation. THE ONLY THING LEFT TO DO IS TO SERVE IT WITH SOME TORTILLA CHIPS FOR DIPPING.